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The project is approved to be a 20,000hectares industrial hemp cultivation base in Heilongjiang province, northeast of China. Heilongjiang is the second province in China to legally grow, extract and sell industrial hemp which covering a vast expanse of forests, known as the "green treasure house", the region is rich in biological resources, with obvious plant community structure in the frigid zone and prominent specialty medicinal plants. 

Heilongjiang province owns the most fertile northeast vast black soil which has high organic carbon content and rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Our products is organic and non-GMO.

Black soil is the unique treasure that nature gives to human beings. It is a kind of soil with good properties and high fertility, which is very suitable for plant growth. It is the most precious soil resource on earth. The black soil is 30-100cm thick and the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients are equivalent to millions of tonnes of fertilizer. The content of organic matter in soil is up to 5%~7%, which is several times of that in yellow land. Black soil became one of the symbols of northeast China.