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Product Name】 Tribulus Alatus Extract 

Plant sources】 The whole nettle grass was used as raw   material, and the brown powder was extracted by patented   technology.

Specification】 Saponins 2%; 75:1

Test Method】TLC

Appearance】Brown powder.

Packaging】 25kg/drum, or according to customer   requirements.

Storage conditions】 Store in cool & dry place. Keep away   from strong sunlight and heat.




Unique resources and large planting base.



1. Tribulus alatus extract has the effect of strengthening the body. It is commonly used in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries for physical fitness. Athletes in some countries often take tribulus alatus extract to enhance physical strength. It is a natural food with no toxic and side effects. In the current FDA regulations, there is no requirement to be limited or limited. Prohibited ingredients. Tribulus is listed as a prescription drug in Ireland.


2. Tribulus alatus extract and its preparation are clinically used for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, enhancement of sexual function and anti-aging. Preparations such as "Tribustan", "Vitanone" and "Tribusaponin" for softening blood vessels have been developed abroad. In my country, preparations such as "Xinnao Shutong" have been developed using stems and leaves as raw materials.


3. Tribulus alatus extract has become the mainstream nutritional supplement in the sports nutrition market to regulate the endocrine function of sports, and has the potential to promote the secretion of testosterone in athletes. The effect on the regulation of endocrine in athletes is currently uncertain.




1. Medicine

2. Dietary supplement

3. Functional food / Sports nutrition

4. Men's health care

5. Cosmetics

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