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Product Name】 Velvet Antler Extract Powder

Plant sources】 Hairy young horns of sika deer

Specification】5:1; 10:1

Test Method】TLC

Appearance】Brown powder.

Packaging】 25kg/drum, or according to customer requirements.

Storage conditions】 Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong sunlight and heat.


Raised in our own farm of primitive forest.


1. Nervous system

Deer antler can enhance the tension of parasympathetic nerve endings, promote the recovery of the nervous system and improve the function of the nervous and muscular systems, and also has an excitatory effect on the sympathetic nerves.

2. Cardiovascular System

Large doses of deer antler can lower blood pressure, reduce the amplitude of cardiac contractions, slow down the heart rate, and dilate peripheral blood vessels. Moderate doses can significantly enhance cardiac contraction, increase the contraction amplitude and increase the heart rate, thereby increasing cardiac output; deer antler has a particularly significant effect on the fatigued heart.

3. Sexual function Deer

Antler extract increases both plasma testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) concentrations. Therefore, velvet antler is  effective in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in adolescence and prostatic atrophy in senile age; it has a good effect on the treatment of female menopausal disorders.

4. The strength of deer antler

Deer antler essence has a strong anti-fatigue effect, can enhance cold resistance, accelerate wound healing and stimulate adrenal cortex function. Therefore, deer antler is a traditional tonic medicine, used for strengthening, nourishing the kidney and benefiting yang. Deer antler can increase hemoglobin in the blood, so it is extremely effective for the treatment of patients with massive bleeding and terminal infections, especially elderly patients.

5. Have sex hormones

Animal experiments confirmed that the weight of the prostate and seminal vesicles increased after a few days after subcutaneous injection of antler tincture. Deer antler is the best tonic, but not everyone is suitable for tonic. For healthy people, especially children, deer antler cannot be eaten casually. Healthy children are prone to internal heat, nosebleeds, abnormal hyperactivity, and even mania.


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